♾️What is Weave?

Bring Defi To the Masses

Automate, Optimize and Enhance yield like never before.

Weave is designed to be a DeFi protocol that brings expert yield farmers together with less experienced investors looking to make passive returns from crypto currency.

We enable professional traders to list their yield farming & hodl strategies that Defi beginners could simply follow Weave Pro strategies without heavy lifting works. Weave Pro user can create their own strategy by our intuitive drag and drop strategy builder. Each smart contract is specifically owned by user's own wallet address therefore couldn't be rug-pull.

The Weave dApp has a huge range of liquidity pools and staking vaults, offering auto-compounding to generate some of the highest yield farming returns you’ll find anywhere.

Earn our native Weave token simply by using our platform, and stake it for exponential growth.

See our demo on WEAVE PRO (the strategy builder) during the REVELATION HACKATHON (hosted by Binance)


Within each WEAVE strategy, we involve lots of swap and the swap fee charged by Dexes is not preferred by WEAVERS. WEAVE design our own WEAVE Swap Aggregator to find best route with least fee for our users. WEAVE swap is planned to be released on Q3, 2022

Tailored by WEAVE solution

We believe Dapps will love our innovative strategy builder and copy-farming solutions. Weave can now customize those features into our partner's platform. Users will not even know they are using WEAVE solution while being amazed by the flexibility and automation in building their own crypto strategies. "Tailored by WEAVE" is ready to offer, contact our team for customize solution!

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