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This section will explain common questions on whitepaper

How did the milestone bonus multiplier work?

Both $weave single staking and LP staking will be benefit from milestone reward on top of original reward. Refer to "5 ways to earn $Weave" section for a detail explanation of milestone reward. For every milestone you reach, you will be eligible to get daily reward on an additional multiplier.

Lets assume Bob is the only eligible user for milestone reward and rest of the pool remain unchange. If Bob had deposited 10$weave now, and the rest of pool is 990$Weave, Bob will get 1%$ of daily reward emission. After 12weeks, the milestone bonus multiplier is kick-in at 1.5x and the 10$Weave is now treated as 15$Weave during daily reward calculation. Your daily reward after 12Weeks is now changed from 1% to 1.49% of the daily emission even your deposit remains unchanged. You still get 10$Weave on top of all the accumulated daily rewards if you withdraw now afterward.

This is a simplified calculation and assumes no compound.

Each compound or each deposit is given a different timestamp, therefore each deposit is track separately.

How often can you claim the reward?

The staking reward is claimable every 7days of your deposit. Every new deposit will reset the 7days timelock. If you enable auto-compound feature, Weave platform will compound for you every 7days.

You can click to claim or compound it straight away.

How did the auto-compound feature work?

The auto-compound feature will compound automatically for user who enable the function. Users has no need to pay transaction fee while Weave will pay the gas fee for users and take 1 $Weave as processing fee.

For your $Weave LP staking, once you enable auto-compound feature, the $Weave reward will be sent to $Weave single staking for compound.

If I withdraw my deposit, will I lose my milestone reward?

We have a last-in-first-out rule on your deposit. If you try to withdraw part of your stake, you will only lose the milestone bonus of those being withdraw. If you stake 50$weave for 5 times as a sum of 250 $Weave and withdraw 240 $Weave. You will still have 10 $Weave being calculated into milestone bonus when they reach milestone, the timer for withdraw part will be reset(hence no milestone reward)

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