Weave updates history (archive)

2022 Jan $Weave staking live
2022 Jan $Weave token live
2021 Airdrop

$Weave token and LP staking live!!

Only "withdraw all" is currently allowed during first few days of launch.
Reward is claimable after 7days of each deposit.

"Ground tower, we are ready to launch" $Weave staking and LP rewards

Milestones on the $Weave token live event.
Weave Pro will go live on January
Weave Passive will go live in February.

Weave free token airdrop event (2021 Dec)

This is our free token drop event for early community members, you can stake your BUSD on Weave to accumulate your Weave token. You will be able to claim then proceed to staking or LP(liquidity pair) after $Weave token is officially launch on Jan.3
Refer to our twitter announcement and video explanation below!