Weave Passive Q&A

Who will be eligible for the milestone reward?

Both $Weave single token staking and $Weave LP token provider will be able to receive their milestone reward!! Refer to our "5 ways to earn $WEAVE" for more information

Is Defi risky?

There is several layers of risk in Defi including smart contract being exploited, team rug-pull. Not mentioning the variant APR nor price variation. You can mitigate your risk exposure by choose the project you believe which has a good fundamental and can-do attitude on the mission they are committed to. DCA your assets and choose the platform carefully to mitigate it.

In Weave, we give the smart contract back to user themselves and commit to a socialize finance platform that offers a place for both Weave Pro and Weave Passive with an identified team profile. We are here to bring Defi to the Masses.

How will LP milestone reward be calculated?

It's the same calculation we used on single $Weave staking milestone reward. Please refer to white paper for detail. We multiply your LP share as bonus while calculating rewards.

How will LP auto-compound work?

If you switch on the Auto-compound function on "Weave LP Staking", the reward of your $WEAVE token will be sent to "Weave Single Staking" for compound in the single staking vaults.

If you want to compound on Weave LP to get highest $WEAVE token reward, you can do so by pairing your BUSD-Weave pair in Pancakeswap. Refer to our tutorial here.

Slippage setting for buy & sell $Weave token

Please set 3% and increase incrementally if you experience errors.

The error message due to a low slippage setting in Pancakeswap is usually as following.

"The transaction cannot succeed due to error: cannot estimate gas; transaction may fail or may require manual gas limit"

Where can I see the $Weave price trend?

You can check DexGuru or DexScreener for historical price.

What is "Collect fees"?

Collect fees section is for those transaction tax Weave had collected which is then distributed to each wallet according to our whitepaper. This is separated from the Weave token emission reward that you can get by staking $Weave and using Weave as a platform. We are currently manually distributing these fees before a full release on Weave Pro and Weave Passive.

What is liquidity pool?

Liquidity pool contains two assets with 50:50 ratio in AMM, that is opened for trade. Let's say the liquidity pool is BUSD:Weave, then the value will be 50:50. Whenever a user attempt to trade, the trade will happen. If Bob want to use 100BUSD to buy more $Weave, he will be adding $BUSD into the pool and get $Weave out of the pool. Since BUSD quantity increase and $Weave quantity decrease in the same liquidity pool, the Weave price increase to make sure it stays 50:50 ratio. This is how AMM in crypto works!!

Some protocols like Bancor offer a choice to setup a liquidity pool at different ratio.

How to add $Weave token in your Metamask?

You can click the logo on staking page to add $Weave token in your Metamask wallet or manually import tokens per contract address at 0x6cc97ef7d330c090681c3a6d266f6adedf80e56b

Choose to import token in your Metamask, then paste the contract address to add it.

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