How to buy $Weave in Metamask(mobile)

  1. Open Metamask and search "" to access Weave website. Choose "NEW dapp" then click the button "BUY MORE $WEAVE ON PANCAKESWAP!"

You need to click "BUY MORE $WEAVE ON PANCAKESWAP" using in-app browser of metamask to be able to connect your wallet to Pancakeswap.

If you are on Desktop, copy the link below to your browser.

2. Once you are in PCS(Pancakeswap), you need to import the $Weave token to swap. Then "Connect wallet" to start the trade. Make sure you select "Metamask". Only if you are connected to PCS through your Metamask-in-app browser wallet, you can start to trade in PCS.

3. You need to enable PCS to spend your BUSD first by approve it. You also need BNB(at BEP20) in your metamask as gas fee.

You can click "Edit permission", to edit the spending amount that you allow the protocol to use(in this case, PCS). It's essential to give only limited permission on Dapps that you are not familiar with.

4. Once you approve the transaction for the spending, you are ready to buy $Weave. First click the "Setting" to change slippage to "3%" which is needed in Weave project. Then you can proceed the swap procedure.

Trading $WEAVE token need a slippage at least 2.5%, which is defined in our whitepaper. Check our Whitepaper for the reason behind the design. Other projects might need higher slippage or might not, you need to manually adjust slippage to prevent potential lost.or bot attack.

In a standard swap of other tokens, you can just use 0.5% slippage.

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