Migration of your LP (2022.Jan15)

Here is a guide of our staking migration on Jan.15

This is Archive area, you usually don't need to perform the task.

Please refer to the original announcement about how and why we make the migration. https://t.me/WeaveAnnouncements/50

If you have this warning on the staking page, you will need to do a migration.

  1. Click the "WITHDRAW" button then approve the transaction. It will withdraw all amount within the old staking contract.

  2. Once the withdraw is done, Weave will automatically load the new page for you. The new staking page will be marked as "new" as below. If it didn't appear, please refresh the webpage.

3. Click "Approve" to approve the spending first, then enter the amount to be deposited and confirm the stake transaction. "Stake" button will only appeared after the "approve" is done.

Now you are done with the migration, you can do the same for Weave LP staking.

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