How to buy $Weave at Pancakeswap (& slippage)

Explain how to setup slippage and buy at pancakeswap.

Pancakeswap had became the most popular DEX in the whole crypto industry, where Weave had create our liquidity at. If you are not familiar with liquidity, please refer to our Weave academy video regarding liquidity pool.

  1. Use this link to connect to Pancakeswap, it will lead you directly to $BUSD+$WEAVE pair. YOU CAN ONLY USE THIS LINK ON DESKTOP. CLICK HERE IF ON MOBILE.

2. Go to gear icon to access "setting" function.

3. Adjust the slippage to 3%(at least you need to set it at 2.6%). This setting is needed due to the deflationary mechanism.

4. Enter the amount you want to buy and confirm swapping detail. Approve it on your metamask to proceed. You might need to approve first in order to proceed the swap(therefore two transaction). You can also click the "blue circle" to change between "$BUSD to $WEAVE" or "$WEAVE to $BUSD".

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