5 ways to earn $WEAVE

Refer to our whitepaper for the latest update

  1. Daily token rewards (claimable weekly) - Staking & LP providers will receive 60% of the "Community Daily Rewards Pool". Additionally, within this pool, liquidity providers will receive a weighting of 4x over those staking. Providing liquidity is therefore the most powerful way to earn more Weave tokens in the entire ecosystem. Lastly, because you can easily set the auto-staking feature using the Weave dApp, the weekly distribution can be compounded, therefore grow exponentially over time.

  2. Milestone bonuses are earned at 12 weeks, 26 weeks, 12 months, and 2 years. The longer you stake your coins the higher your multiplier in the daily rewards pool. The milestone bonuses increase over time as follows;

    1. 12 Weeks milestone bonus --> 1.5x multiplier on staking reward

    2. 26 Weeks milestone bonus --> 2.5x multiplier on staking reward

    3. 52 Weeks milestone bonus --> 5x multiplier on staking reward

    4. 2 years milestone bonus --> 10x multiplier on staking reward

    Our staking smart contracts will automatically apply these bonuses to each tranche of Weave tokens into staking whenever the funds reach the relevant milestone. For LP providers, these milestone bonuses are in addition to the 4x multiplier they already receive!

  3. 1.5% sales fee redistribution - Whenever the $Weave token is bought or sold a 2.5% sales fee is applied, the majority of which (1.5%) is added to the total weekly tokens bonus pool claimable for those who are staking or providing liquidity. This means that even in bear markets $Weave stakers and LP providers can earn great rewards as potentially more people sell the token and thereby put more into the sales fee pool to be distributed back to those still holding.

  4. 5% share of platform profits - 5% of platform net profits will be used to buy back Weave tokens and these will be distributed to stakers & LP providers on a monthly basis.

  5. Capital growth of the Weave token - we have carefully planned the tokenomics to give a high probability of it increasing in value over time through increased demand, excellent staking rewards, and the deflationary token burn mechanism. Keep in mind however that token price appreciation is not guaranteed, and volatility will be a constant feature of the $Weave token price.

To bring the best interest of Weave users, the calculation of milestone reward is LIFO (Last In, First Out). Weave will assign your $Weave token withdraw to the latest deposit, users will still have chance to earn the milestone bonus.

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