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Weave USPs

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Weave USP-Unique Selling Points, Weave Pro

Your strategy, your personal own smart contract

Weave pro create their own smart contract through our modular strategy builder that only creator could call the smart contract(address ownership restricted). Weave Passive copy the strategies from Weave Pro. No one else could run the smart contract to steal your money.

Drag&drop strategy builder

Through our intuitive and modulized smart contracts, you can create your own strategy exactly how you want them.

Copy farming for less experienced users

Weave Pro users build their own strategy via Weave's drag & drop strategy builder and Weave Passive user can simply copy staking them. We want new users who are interested in Defi to have a platform to learn from experienced users and start their Defi journey within few clicks.

Cross chain trading management

With our own cross chain engine modules, it could be built into your strategy that enables seamless strategy between different chains.

Identified team member

We will be identified to public not like other anonymous Defi projects.

Weave Academy

Weave Academy will equip all necessary free tutorials to help users getting into Defi. Our strong( and experienced) community team located in different time zones will also guide our users through their Defi journeys.