Weave community

To encourage our community members who devote their time on Weave, we had designed several community roles for Weavers. All volunteers who are passionate about crypto and love to help others dealing with learning curve can join.

People should get involved with our community as we have launched a community scheme where consistently active and helpful community members (on both our Discord and Telegram) will be rewarded with one of 3 roles in a tiered form, Level 1 being the lowest of these, and Level 3 being the highest (with the role names being Beweaver, Weave Patron, Weave Ambassador). There are no financial incentives to all tiers.

The intent of this role scheme will be to allow those who are Weave Patrons and Ambassadors (Levels 2 and 3) to work with the team on tasks, see new features early and formally represent Weave in a variety of ways (only once at Level 3).

  • Anyone can be actively helping community members but there is no endorsement from Weave.

  • If you are actively helping Weave community and pick-up crypto skills and would like to commit more time, you will be starting from Beweaver.

  • If you enjoy about helping Weave communities, and have skills to spend more time. You can be Weave Patron. Weave Patron has private channels that can talk to Weave team directly.

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