Crypto glossary

Abbreviation, Slang of crypto world


Centralize Exchange: A centralize exchange that allow people to trade cryptocurrency. You need to setup account and password, and CEX can help you recover your password if it's lost.


Dollar Cost Average: Sell or buy your assets into multiple orders to get an average price rather than trying to sell the highest and buy the lowest.


Decentralize Exchange: A decentralize exchange that allow people to trade cryptocurrency. You have full control of your own wallet and your assets, where no one can recover for you.


Decentralized finance: This is the idea behind cryptocurrency, the concept that people can use finance service without a bank account.


Do your own research: You need to come out with your own conclusion after intensive study of a specific project or protocol


Fear of missing out: People fear to be left behind so they invest without research.


Fear, uncertainty, doubt:


Hold on for dear life: You hold the assets and you never sell!


Pull off all liquidity and sell all token the team have without informing protocol users.


Someone who owns a lost of cryptocurrencies, with the power to affect the price of the coin/token


Binance Smart Chain: An EVM compatible chain from Binance


Pancakeswap, the largest Dex in BSC


Ethereum Virtual Machine: The Ethereum design based blockchain which might have their own consensus and gas token but are following similar fundamental. Most of EVM compatible chain use wallet address with "0x" and can be access through Metamask.


A token format in BSC. You need tokens in BEP-20 format to work in BSC. For example, the BNB token in BSC is in BEP-20 format, while BNB in Ethereum is in ERC-20 format.

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