Community daily reward scheme

The distribution of Weave tokens is predefined for release each year. The total supply for the Community Daily Rewards Scheme (108m $Weave) is scheduled to be released evenly over 10 years, meaning 10% of the total pool (10.8m $Weave) will be released and distributed per year. In practice, this pool will be calculated and released daily (and claimable weekly), meaning that there is 29,589.04109589041 $Weave being released and distributed each day. At launch, this will be shared between platform usage rewards and those in the staking and LP as a 40/60 split respectively. Therefore, 40% of the 29,589.04109589041 each day will be shared as platform rewards, and 60% will be shared as rewards for those that are staking and providing liquidity. These percentages may change in favour of platform usage rewards once we have good levels of liquidity.

The distribution of claimable coins awarded for staking & liquidity is based on the % you have of the overall total value locked in our staking vault. You can also increase your share in the pool by hitting the milestone bonuses and therefore receive multipliers of your percentage in the pool. The longer you stake or provide liquidity of the $Weave token, the higher your multiplier in the pool will be.

For example, if your funds in the staking pool represent 0.1% of the total value locked in staking and liquidity vault then you will receive 0.1% of the daily distribution of $Weave per day. If you stake the coins for 52 weeks you qualify for the 5x multiplier and therefore your share increases to 0.5% of the pool and so on.

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